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Welcome to the mopardaddy web site
Racing and Crusin'  Mopars, and some extras too.

New page Vinyl Top Restoration.

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1964 Dodge B/FX - My project car. Including photos and front end parts and numbers.

1969 Dodge Dart Custom - Daughters project car.

Mopar Photos  updated ! Chargers, Challangers and Dusters...Oh my!

1999 Mopar Nationals - Photos!

2000 Mopar Nat's. Photos - I have more photos on the way...

                                                          - Mopars at the drag strip.

Drag Racing Information- updated ! Including your local weather,  listing of local drag strips and a virtual drag racing game.

Mopar cars and parts for sale - Classifieds!

Mopar cars and parts wanted - Classifieds!

How To for beginners   - replace your engine gaskets, replacing your fuel pump, replacing disk brakes, replacing your air filter, draning, flushing and refilling your cooling system, replacing your spark plugs, replacing your water pump,
changing a tire, change oil, Safety Precautions, Vinyl Top Restoration.

Mopar Information   - Body Types, Mopar Definitions
Computer Codes, Mopars in Movies and TV Shows, History of DaimlerChrysler

Troubleshooting - Find out what's wrong with your car.

new car price quote

car finance quote

car insurance quote

Mopar Books - Mopar books, restoration books and general automotive books.

Mopar products and services Updated !

Links - More links added!

Free E-mail - -   Win numerous prizes from cars to money.

1964 Dodge B/FX


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