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Mopar Information
History of DaimlerChrysler

Body Types

Computer Codes

Mopar Definitions

Mopars in Movies and TV Shows

Automotive Jokes

  Body Types

A-- Valiant, Dart, Barracuda, Scamp, Duster, Lancer, Demon, Twister

B-- Coronet, Charger, Magnum, Monaco, Premier, Belvedere, Satellite, GTX, Road Runner, Fury,        

C-- Polara, Monaco, Fury, VIP, Gran Fury, Newport, 300, Town & Country, New Yorker, Imperial,

D-- Talon, (plymouth) Lanser

E-- Barracuda, Challenger, 600, Caravelle, E-Class, New Yorker

F-- Aspen, Volare

G-- Daytona, (chrysler) Laser

H-- Lancer, LeBaron (hatchback)

J-- LeBaron (coupe/convertible), Cordoba, Imperal, Mirada

K-- Le Baron, Executive, Limousine, Aries, Reliant, 400, 600

L-- Omni, 024, Charger, Horizon, TC3, Turismo

M-- Diplomat, LeBearon, New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, Gran Fury, Caravelle (non-US)

P-- Shadow, Sundance, Duster

Q-- TC by maserati

R-- St. Regis, Gran Fury, Newport, New Yorker

S-- Town & Country, Caravan, Voyager

Y-- New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, Imperial

AA-- LeBaron (sedan), Spirit, Acclaim, Saratoga (non-US)

LH-- Concorde, New Yorker, LHS, Intrepid, Vision

PL-- Neon

JA-- Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring convertable

FJ-- Sebring, Avenger (based on MMC Galant)

SR-- Viper

XJ-- Cherokee, Wagoneer

YJ-- Wrangler

ZJ-- Gtand Cherokee, original Wagoneer

PJ-- Talon (based on MMC Galant), Durango

  Computer Codes

88 Start of test (This only appears on DRBII, it's not blinked out)
11 No ignition reference signal detected during cranking (bad hall effect)
12 Memory Standby power lost (battery cable disconnected)
13* MAP sensor pneumatic circuit - MAP signal does not change
14* MAP sensor electrical circuit open or shorted
15 No speed/distance sensor signal
16* Loss of battery voltage detected with engine running
17 Engine stays cold too long (bad thermostat)
21 Oxygen sensor signal out of range, possibly shorted
22* Coolant sensor signal out of range (or disconnected to set timing)
23 Throttle body temperature signal out of range
24* Throttle position circuit out of range
25 Automatic Idle Speed (AIS) motor driver circuit shorted
26 Peak injector circuit voltage has not been reached
27 Logic module fuel circuit internal problem
27 TBI injector does not respond properly to control signal
31 Purge solenoid circuit open or shorted
32 EGR solenoid circuit open or shorted
32 Power loss lamp open or shorted
33 Air conditioning clutch relay circuit open or shorted
34 Speed control vacuum or vent solenoid circuits open or shorted
35 Cooling fan relay circuit open or shorted
36 Wastegate control circuit open or shorted
37 Shift indicator light failure, 5-speed (blown bulb)
37 Torque converter unlock circuit open or shorted, A-413 4-speed auto
41* Alternator field control circuit open or shorted
42 Automatic shutdown relay circuit open or shorted
42 Z1 voltage missing when autoshutdown circuit energized (whatever that means)
43 Peak primary coil current not achieved with max dwell time
43 Problem in power module to logic module interface
44 No FJ2 voltage present at logic board
44 Logic module self-diagnostics indicate problem
44 Battery temperature out of range (???? never heard of this one!)
45 Turbo boost limit exceeded (engine was shut down by logic module)
46* Battery voltage too high during charging
47 Battery voltage too low and alternator output too low
51 Oxygen sensor stuck at lean position
51 Internal logic module fault ('84 turbo only)
52 Oxygen sensor stuck at rich position
52 Internal logic module fault ('84 turbo only)
53 Logic module internal problem
54 No sync pickup signal during engine rotation (turbo only)
54 Internal logic module fault ('84 turbo only)
61 "Baro" sensor open or shorted
62 EMR mileage cannot be stored in EEPROM
63 Controller cannot write to EEPROM
55 End of codes * Activates Power Limited/Check Engine light.

  MOPAR IN MOVIES and television

Movies:    search for these movies here

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World  
The Stone Killer
Loaded Weapon I    
Vanishing Point
Phantasm I
Phantasm II
Dirty Larry, Crazy Mary
Blues Brothers
The Fast Set
Gone in Sixty Seconds

The Godfather
The Crush

 58 Fury
   69 Charger
 all kinds of 50s mopars
  69 (?) Plymouth Belvedere Police
  81 St. Regis
70 Challenger
1969 Charger
1974 Dodge Monaco
Chrysler 63 Turbine experimental
6? Chrysler Convertible
Tons of Belvedere and Coronet
police, a '68 Charger, 71 GTX,
71+ Charger and a '73
Challenger. They called it a '73
Challenger but when they are
switching tags on a "smooshed"
one to a good stolen one, it
isnt '73. The crunched
Challengers tags are of a '70
R/T 440 and the good stolen has
a '70 383-2bbl vin. The centre
section of the grill looks right
 but the rest says '70, up until
they crush the car, then the
tail lights are definately 72+.
40's and 50's Mopars
65'ish Valiant convertible that gets a
nice paint job during the unfolding of the plot.

Dukes of Hazzard                   
Simpsons (Bullit take-off)            
Simon & Simon
Happy Days  
Mod Squad  

Leave it to Beaver
The Brady Bunch
Nash Bridges
 69 Charger
69 Charger
5? DeSoto
Late 60's, Early 70's Mopars
'71 Challenger Convertible
'71 or '72 Charger
'70 Challenger R/T ragtop
63 Dart
Chrysler wagon
71 Hemi Cuda

                      Automotive Jokes

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