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Front End Parts and Numbers

Wheel cylinder

1-1/8"                   L                                     R                               Kit
                        F40416                          F40417                      F13620
rear                       L                                      R                              Kit
                         F40418                         F40418                      F3608

Hose            F49776

Master Cylinder                  F40412           kit F106472
                    A-1                 10-40412

Brake Shoes                        290

Hold Down Kit                      F19471

Combination Kit                   F78520

Return Spring                       F36481

Auto Adjuster                        F98346/7

Hub                                         BD60077


Idler Arm                                 K779

Tie Rod                                   ES319R/L

Sleeve                                     ES319S

Strut Rod Kit                           K70399

Lower Ball Joint                     K781 right    K783 left

Upper Ball Joint                     K772

Upper Control Arm Kit          K408  or    7103
                           Shaft           K7030

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